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Why Choose Jordán's Permit Services?

The Why

In construction there are many different moving parts. From the Developer who buys the land, to the Architect that draws the plans, the General Contractor and Subcontractors that build the project, the Expediting Company that deals with the permitting, and the governing Building Department that will eventually approve and certify the project for occupancy.

All of these elements play a vital role in reaching the end goal, a completed new building or tenant improvement and a Certificate of Occupancy. Without true team effort, the process of retaining approval for permits can be frustrating and tedious. Everyone involved brings their knowledge and professionalism to the table. Would you hire an Attorney to draw your plans?  Of course not, so why have someone other than a Permit Expeditor assist you with the necessary permits?


We all hire people/companies that are well versed in a specific niche because we lack those particular skill sets. Simply put, it is a better use of our time and money to hire a professional who will take this load off our plate.. But you already know this don't you?


More about Jordán and JPECS... Jordán’s experience in the field began in 2000 and later incorporated in 2010. From 2002 - 2009, Jordán worked as the Project Manager of Facilities for Nova Southeastern University, gaining knowledge in the construction field as well as dealing with the Building Departments on the necessary permits, therein acquiring the abilities to expand her understanding on how the entire process worked. 


Accomplished in all aspects of new construction, renovations, tenant up-grades, demolitions, and opened and/or expired permits, JPECS will make this process as easy as possible for its clients. 

"When a client sees an issue, we only see a solution!"

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